The Dish Rag recently got to sit down with Jon Heder, who plays one of the wacky guys (he’s a street magician) who falls in love with Kristen Bell in Disney’s new romantic comedy “When in Rome.” 

He’s competing for her heart with Will Arnett (a struggling artist), Danny DeVito (a sausage king) Dax Shepard (a wanna-be model) and Josh Duhamel. Guess who wins?

]]>Here’s the drill: Bell’s character Beth is disillusioned with love while at her little sister’s romantic wedding in Rome and decides to pluck some coins from a fountain of love. Big mistake. All the coin tossers fall in love with her.

Jon was pretty good with the card tricks and not half bad making coins disappear. I later found that vanished coin on my chair when I got up. How that happened, I will never know. 

But I’m highly suspicious of his accomplice, Andrew Runyon, one of Disney’s head publicists, who was standing behind me.

Anyway, here’s the “Napoleon Dynamite” star’s surefire suggestion on how to make a woman fall in love with you:

“You could always like, kidnap their dog, without them knowing it and they’re missing their dog, so in love with their dog, and you bring it to their front porch a few weeks later and say ‘Ohmygosh i was walking down the street and I found this dog …’ It might be against the law,” he admits.


And he’s got an upcoming comedy series — as yet untitled — coming up on Comedy Central.

“Just keep watching Comedy Central,” he says. “It’ll be on sometime.”

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