Josh Duhamel tells The Dish Rag exclusively that he suffered a serious “paper cut” during the filming of Touchstone’s new action-packed romantic comedy, “When in Rome.” 
Is it too late to offer to kiss it and make it better? Yeah, figured. Especially since he’d just renewed his vows with wife Fergie the day before we chatted. 
But his co-star Kristen Bell had it worse. She came down with a case of what Josh calls “African Wild Boar Disease.”

]]>Kristen caught the noxious flu right before they started shooting, was throwingup, had to see three different doctors, and finally got put on Cipro and Flagyl.

Then she got a third degree burn on her leg from a scooter’s exhaust pipe. When you see her running in that huge gown, she has a garbage bag duct taped to her thigh to keep the burn dry.
Being a move star is not as glam as you’d imagine. What did the Rome doctors use on her burn? “They were rubbing what I can only assume was olive oil,” she admits.
Care for some breadsticks with that? “Cracked pepper,” offers Josh.
To his credit, Josh did take some hits as well. He did his own stunts, one of which was doing a flying leap over a car hood and  landing on his face, which —  luckily — was not injured. Good thing because his face was insured for “more than the whole budget of the movie,” jokes Kristen. “When in Rome” opens in theaters on Friday, June 29.
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