Where did Brad and Angelina go and what did they do during a quick break in the Golden Globes show last night? Oh, wouldn’t you like to know…


Angie, looking elegant in a gray St. John strapless gown, held onto Brad’s arm as they made their way to the small bar outside the International Ballroom and just above the pool area during a break in the show. There are lots of 3 and 4 minute breaks so everyone famous who is literally trapped at their tables in the center of the room usually jumps up and makes a beeline to the bathroom or the smoking area, ostensibly to get some air (huh?). 

Brad and Angelina stood at the bar to get some drinks (looked like water) with their CAA agent Bryan Lourd and then they all headed outside to stand underneath a heat lamp, as civilian Globes-goers tried to get close enough to take their photos with trembling cell phones. "The temperature just shot up in here," remarked one observer.

Maybe it’s just me but Angie’s multiple script tatts looked a bit paler than usual. Perhaps a touch of foundation or powder toned them down?  Beefy security guards stood by in case anyone tried to speak to the hot couple. But Angie made conversation with several stunned  women already under the heat lamp and David Arquette chatted with Brad but as one onlooker/listener noted, "He was kind of babbling and didn’t make much sense. It was weird."

Brad and Angelina tend to have that effect on people.

No sign of the couple at any of the parties. Not Paramount, Instyle, Fox, Weinstein, Universal/NBC, E!. And trust me, I looked. Everyone looked. In fact, I’m still checking to find out if they were somewhere I missed.   

Photo Credits: The hottest couple of the  night  causes a heat wave in the smoking area at the Globes. And no, they didn’t smoke. And yes, they went home after the show. Smart move.
Steve Granitz/WireImage

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