ryan murphy twitter account deleted hacked missing glee american horror story gi Where did Ryan Murphy's Twitter account go?
Strange things are happening on Twitter — and it’s not just celebrity death hoaxes and the fail whale. For some reason not yet made public, Ryan Murphy‘s account no longer seems to exist. Not as it used to exist anyway…

The account is technically still. It has just been emptied of its past. No photos, no information, no people it’s following. After all of the posts were deleted, Murphy posted just once. Nothing else in the account’s history returned.

At some point on Tuesday (Dec. 18), everything one could find under the username @MrRPMurphy vanished.

ryan murphy twitter account no tweets Where did Ryan Murphy's Twitter account go?
Has the creator of such shows as “Glee,” “American Horror Story” and “The New Normal” just disappeared from the social-networking site?

Apparently not. A few hours after the initial disappearance, Murphy sent out a single tweet of reassurance to his followers: “Account wasn’t hacked. I will be back. Happy Holidays!” No further explanation was provided.

ryan murphy twitter account returns tweet Where did Ryan Murphy's Twitter account go?
Until everything disappeared, Murphy had been maintaining a rather active Twitter account. Photos from his shows, regular updates and even spoilers got sent out to the man’s 300,000-plus followers. After the magical, disappearing account, however, none of those fan-friendly tidbits remained.

Assuming we believe the later message, we can expect Ryan Murphy to be back and tweeting tempting photos while dodging questions from fans and overzealous fan-critics. Until then, however, the mystery of the missing account remains.

Posted by:Laurel Brown