Want to be as successful with hot L.A. babes as Vinnie Chase, Adrian Grenier‘s "Entourage" character?

Or at least go to the places where he meets them?

Now you can. And you can find out exactly where Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) shops, where Turtle and Drama hang out and where E takes the girl(s) he’s serious about.

"Entourage" has partnered with Whrrl to provide detailed maps of the real places where various scenes from the show have taken place. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is high on the list. So is Book Soup, The Palm, ArcLight Cinema, Cafe Club Fais Do-Do and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.

Click here to see how it works

Briefly, this new cross-promotion creates Whrrl accounts for the main "Entourage" characters that update locations and character commentary on the hip bars, restaurants, clubs visited during the series. 

Even though the characters are fictional, the places are real. And although most of the locales up now are from past seasons, there will be updates with new spots throughout the new season, which conveniently starts Sunday.

If you open your own Whrrl account, you can create pages of the places you frequent. And you can add Vinnie and Ari to your auto-friends account so you can, well, in a word, follow them around.

This is like being a celebrity stalker!

We can’t wait for other shows to be Whrrled. “Gossip Girl” seems like a natural.

And wouldn’t it be great to have "Denise Richards’  It’s Complicated” on Whrrl?

Then we’d know where NOT to go to avoid running into her. Bet Charlie Sheen would like that too.

Photo: The Entourage dudes at the New York premiere.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead