Evalongori_grani_5993984_600Okay, let’s stop yer whining about the unfair Emmy voting screw-up.

Time to start thinking about more important issues, like the Emmy party line-up.

Why? Because the after-parties are where stars from snubbed shows like "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" who aren’t attending the broadcast may turn up. That’s why.

Here’s how the TV industry’s big weekend is shaping up.

Saturday, August 26

Emmy weekend kicks off Saturday with BAFTA/LA’s annual Emmy Tea Party at the Park Hyatt in Century City from 2-5 p.m. It’s a terribly civilized party (yeah, right) with a casual patio feel for Emmy nominees from the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, sponsored by BBC America.

Good guesses for the Tea Party guest list would be Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford, Jeremy Irons, Sir Ben Kingsley, Hugh Laurie, maybe even Kiefer Sutherland, since he was actually born in London. 

The place to be the night before the Emmys is Spago for NBC/Universal Television Group’s popular Pre-Emmy party. it’s being billed as an ‘informal gathering’ with no red carpet and no annoying party reporters trolling for soundbites with tape recorders.

The party is a relative newcomer to the Emmy fete scene, started just two years ago and co-sponsored first by Details, then Vanity Fair. Now it’s become “the place to be seen the night before the Emmys,” according to Variety, who certainly should know.

Expect stars and honchos from the NBC-U family including NBC, USA, Sci-Fi and Bravo, as well as luminaries like past attendees Conan O’Brien (this year’s broadcast host), Donald Trump, Hugh Laurie, Jill Hennessy, Mary Tyler Moore, Hugh Jackman, Danny DeVito, Heather Graham, Carmen Electra, and Sylvester Stallone.

Natch, it’s likely that nominees Jaime Pressley, Mariska Hargitay, Steve Carell, Debra Messing, Alan Alda, Allison Janney and other “West Wing” alum will show up. Oh, and let’s not forget those competitive “Project Runway” folks.

Sunday, August 27

Right after the awards, there’s the official Emmy Governor’s Ball held next to the Shrine. The big unveiling was held today so watch this space for more party poop next week.

But there’s also the popular Entertainment Tonight/People Emmy splash on the Skybar pool area in the Mondrian. Expect every star at the Emmys to at least do a drive by.

The big draw, besides chatting with ET and People reporters which is always high on a star’s list of things-to-do, is the party’s gluttonous goody bag given democratically to every party guest, not just Emmy-going stars. We’re talking a Cole Haan natural canvas and leather ‘Weekender’ bag worth $400, literally stuffed with $2,500 worth of fabulous freebies.

Then there’s the TV Guide soiree at the swanky Social Hollywood, the site of the first Emmy Awards and this season’s hot new party place. Punky rock singer Pink will get the party started at 10. p.m. Just in time to drown out all the "You rock!" and/or  "You were robbed!" for the winners/losers who’ll roll in after hitting the Gov Ball, always the first pit stop.

HBO always has their hot ticket Emmy party at the Pacific Design Center. No official word yet but with so many nominations, the cable network’s bash will again be the most sought after invite of the night. Guaranteed entrance to anyone clutching an Emmy.

Also expected: Annette Bening with hubby Warren Beatty, Jeremy Irons, Ellen Burstyn, Cloris Leachman, Alfre Woodard, funny guys Bill Maher, Larry David and George Carlin, Jeremy Piven and his “Entourage,” a couple of “Six Feel Under” stars, some “Sopranos,” the Queenly Helen Mirren and former “Friend” Lisa Kudrow, who was nominated for her role on the swiftly cancelled HBO series, “The Comeback.” Hey, If she wins, will HBO resurrect the show and call it “The Second Comeback?”

The big Fox Network/Studio annual shindig will be back at Spago this year. Stars Kiefer Sutherland, Jean Smart and other “24” stars as well as the actors from “House," “American Idol,” and “Arrested Development” are likely to show up.

This year’s party décor, designed and executed by Rob Smith at Laurels Events, will be pure platinum.

“We literally take everything out of the restaurant and re-skin the interior of the restaurant and the furniture,” says Smith. This delicate Spago facelift procedure starts at 7 a.m. on Emmy day. And actresses think they have it rough getting dolled up for the awards.  At least they don’t have to get ‘reskinned.’ Or do they?

Expect gleaming platinum lacquered furniture, crystal chandeliers in glass boxes, mirrored table tops for a flattering sheen on every happy face, and Swarovski crystals on the floor. “It’s all about the flow,” says Smith, “We want the party space to feel spacious, upscale, refined and elegant because everyone will be wearing their best evening attire.”

And hopefully carrying a few bright shiny Emmy statues.

Photo Credit: Eva, Flicka, Marcia and Nicollette were like the Four Muskateers at last year’s post Emmy Governor’s Ball bash. So what party will the un-nominated "Desperate" gals show up at this year? Gentleman, place your bets.
WireImage/Steve Granitz

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