Fear not: Zap2it will still be providing all the exhaustive, snarky and occasionally rather thoughtful coverage of your favorite shows — be they Heroes or Dancing with the Stars or Dexter — this season. We’ll just be doing it in a new place.

We’ve migrated the recaps to a new blog called It Happened Last Night, where you’ll be able to find detailed breakdowns of more than 40 series this fall.

You might notice a couple of other new entries in the "Blogs" bar up at the top of the page as well. Everyone’s favorite TV Gal will now be posting three times a week, and we’ve also set up a blog dedicated to all things Gossip Girl.

From Inside the Box isn’t going anywhere, either. Zap2it’s mothership blog will be the go-to spot for commentary and discussion on all things TV — ratings analysis, trends in the upcoming season, interviews (check this space later this week for an interview with Michelle Ryan and exec producer David Eick of Bionic Woman) and the occasional random thought from our writers.


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