TMZ apparently has obtained Nadya Suleman’s audition tape for "The Changeling," the movie that starred Angelina Jolie as a woman obsessed with finding her missing young son.

Angelinajoliechangelingsetsmall Click here to listen to Nadya frantically screaming at the 911 operator, "Where’s my son? Where’s my son? Where’s my son?"

Wow, she sounds just like Angelina!

This call, says TMZ, was made by Nadya in October 2008 when she discovered her son was missing.  Turns out the boy had just followed his grandmother down the street. Five cop cars showed up anyway.

But had Nadya possibly been watching that annoying "Changeling" trailer too much?

Hate to think how much Nadya’s gonna freak out when she has 14 kids to keep track of.

But let’s cut her some slack.

Heck, I was practically screaming "Where’s my son?" after seeing that darn trailer so many times on TV.

And I don’t even have a son.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead