million dollar drop 320 Where's the beef? On FOX's 'Million Dollar Money Drop'How tall is LeBron James? What about Michael Phelps? Oh, and where’s the beef?

A nation of game-show watchers totall cheated with Google during Monday’s (Dec. 20) premiere of FOX’s new game show “Million Dollar Money Drop.”

Questions from the game show (hosted by comedian Kevin Pollak) lit up the Google Trends rankings late Monday night as people played along with the contestants. On-screen, teams of two were handed a million dollars in cash at the outset of the game and then asked to bet on multiple-choice trivia questions. If they placed money on a wrong answer, it literally dropped through a trap door and couldn’t be recovered.

Among the questions that had people turing to the web was one about the relative heights of NBA All-Star James, Olympic champion Phelps, Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning and New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez (for the record, James is the tallest at 6-foot-8; A-Rod is the shortest at 6-3).

The first contestants on the show, dating couple Gabe and Brittany, also had to know who the lead singer of U2 is (Bono) and how to punch in his name on a phone keypad (2666). They were also asked which of the following ad slogans is the oldest: “Just do it,” “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands” and the aforementioned “Where’s the beef?” The honor goes to “Melts in your mouth,” which M&M’s introduced in the 1950s.

What did you think of “Million Dollar Money Drop”? Does it have you hooked? 

Posted by:Rick Porter