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In case you’ve been living under a rock this past few days, you know the writer’s strike is officially over! And if you have been living under a rock, my apologies, and congratulations and best wishes in your post-rock life. What’s that mean for Lost? Well, five more episodes this season, to be exact. That will bring the season total to 13, not 16, episodes, although the Season 4 story will be kept intact. The missing three hours of Lost will be filled in a a time to be named later.  Be sure to follow the link for more details.

If that didn’t slake your Lost thirst, be sure to check out Zap2It’s interview with Rebecca Mader, aka Charlotte Staples Lewis. In it, she reveals a bit about her character, the show, and upcoming spoilers. (Apparently, the Smoke Monster is a Hot Pocket gone mad!!! OK, once again, I’m fibbing. But still, I so had at least three of you for a moment there.) Zap2It doesn’t let me talk directly to anyone involved with the show, as it would quickly devolve into something resembling that old "Chris Farley Show" sketch on Saturday Night Live.

"So, so, Michael Emerson…remember when you told Jack that every living person on the Island would be killed?  Remember?  That was awesome." Yea, that would be a terrible interview. Best leave it to the professionals here.

One thing to ponder, and something I’ll discuss at further length later on: at the end of Season 3, Ben Linus tells Jack that if the Boaties land on the Island, every living person will die. But last week, we learned they have come for Ben himself. So, what conclusions can we as an audience deduce from these two things? What, exactly, does Ben mean? 

I have an idea or three, but I’m curious to see what you think as well. So leave your thoughts below!

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