jeff eastin 320 'White Collar': Creator Jeff Eastin on Season 2 and pranking the 'Burn Notice' writersWhen we say that a show has an explosive season finale, normally we mean it in a less literal sense.

But “White Collar” has always done things its own way, so we weren’t completely surprised when, in last month’s finale, the series blew up the plane that Neal’s (Matthew Bomer) lady love Kate (Alexandra Daddario) was on.

Korbi TV caught up with creator Jeff Eastin at a Paley Center event honoring the show and asked him if the writers had really just killed off the woman their leading man spent an entire season looking for.

“You haven’t seen the end of her, just because we want to do an episode where we see the first time Peter actually caught Neal,” Eastin says in the clip below. “So we flash back and we see that and we see Neal meeting Kate. So, no, you haven’t seen the last of Kate, at least because we’re coming back to the past.”

And since Neal did put so much effort into looking for Kate last year, we were also curious about where his attention will be directed next season.

“[Neal’s] two focuses will really be finding out who blew up the plane and what secret the box holds,” Eastin says. “The box leads to a much bigger mystery, so the box, we’ll be done with pretty quickly, but the mystery it holds will continue on through season two.”

Check out the video for more on that, as well as Eastin’s hilarious remarks on the April Fool’s day prank he and his writers played on the “Burn Notice” scribes. 

Also, Sharif Atkins (Jones) makes a guest appearance, crashing our interview and begging for a love interest on camera…

Surely there are some ladies who’d be willing to date Jones, no?

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Posted by:Marisa Roffman