Tonight’s cuppa: English afternoon tea

Thumbnail image for Shawn_Ryan_White_Collar_Lobby 2-6-2011 2-21-48 PM.jpgAs Cuppers know — if they read this post — Shawn Ryan, creator of FX’s “The Shield” and Fox’s new Monday drama “The Chicago Code,” and Jeff Eastin, executive producer of USA Network’s “White Collar,” have been engaged in a friendly Twitter war, a k a “twar,” through their accounts at @ShawnRyanTV and @JeffEastin .

Both producers are seeking to reach 15,000 followers, with the winner offering a charity donation.

Even former “The Shield” star Michael Chiklis weighed in on Twitter, writing today:

@MichaelChiklis Yo my friend and the creator writer genius behind the Shield @ShawnRyanTV in a twitter war for charity! Follow him so he gets 15000 to 1st!

After Ryan took the twar to a new level by invading the “White Collar” offices on Super Bowl Sunday (at left is one of the photos he tweeted), I put up a post (the one linked above if you haven’t looked at it yet) chronicling the story thus far.

Jeff Eastin dropped by to add a comment, writing:

I give Shawn major props, not just for his
infiltration of my office, but for his masterful presentation. The
buildup was brilliant. Like Chris above, I was refreshing Twitter over
and over again to see what was going to happen next. I admit the picture
of him sitting at my desk gave me goosebumps. And doing it during
Super Bowl halftime… slow, impressed Bond-villain clap. Well played
Mr. Ryan. Well played.

I will strive for similar theatrics when I get my revenge.

At least I got a cool Shield poster out of the deal

Today, it looked as if Eastin may have taken his revenge, with a strange string of tweets from Ryan talking about porn stars and Bermuda and his “Pepsi” dealer.

For example:

@ShawnRyanTV New girlfriend and former porn star comparing lower back tattoos. You know what that means… The clothes are coming off!

Wondering if Eastin (at right is the photo he uses as his Twitter avatar) had made his move and somehow hacked Ryan’s account, I sent RyanJeff_headshot_for_twitter.jpg an email asking what the heck was going on with his account. He wrote back, “I consider it performance art. Performance art is what I do when I don’t have a show to prep or produce.”

I tweeted out Ryan’s explanation, and Jeff Eastin later tweeted:

@JeffEastin Who could have hacked poor @ShawnRyanTV? Who would be so diabolical?

About an hour later, Ryan sent out these two tweets:

@ShawnRyanTV Okay, my wife @cathycryan wants me stop tweeting as Charlie Sheen and giving the impression I’m hanging with porn stars. Fun while it lasted.

@ShawnRyanTV Sorry to disappoint all you @JeffEastin worshippers, but your hero didn’t hack my account. Thanks for all the extra followers though!
He then reminded followers of the twar and finished with:

@ShawnRyanTV T
he charity I’m competing for is Autism Speaks. @JeffEastin is playing for the Charlie Sheen Future Defense Fund.

For those who haven’t been following l’affaire Sheen today, the “Two and a Half Men” star called into a radio show from a vacation in the Bahamas — click here for the juicy details, and here for a little bonus, and then here for CBS’ dramatic reaction — which goes a long way to explaining just what Ryan was talking about in his faux-Sheen tweets.

Among the targets of Sheen’s wrath in his radio appearance was his show’s creator, Chuck Lorre.

Showing solidarity with his fellow show-runner, Ryan also tweeted:

@ShawnRyanTV A
nd for the record, in the Charlie Sheen v Chuck Lorre feud, I’m Team Chuck.

So, it looks like Ryan was having some fun with Sheen’s ongoing escapades, which means that the epic revenge Eastin promised is still on the horizon.

We’re waiting.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare