white collar credits 'White Collar' lets fans decide which opening credits they wantUSA has heard from all the “White Collar” fans who were upset with the change to the show’s opening titles this season. So it’s giving them a chance to get the old ones back.

“Following an enormous outpouring of feedback” — or backlash; they say tomato, we say to-mah-to — over the changed credits, the network will run a poll to determine whether to keep the current titles or revert to the earlier version. Fans can vote at USA’s Character Chatter site from Friday, July 8 through Wednesday, July 13, and the winning title sequence will be revealed on “White Collar’s” July 19 episode.

“Where would Neal Caffrey be without a second chance? Our new main title sequence has been hotly debated with opinions covering a broad spectrum,” series creator Jeff Eastin says. “We respect the opinions of our fans and we couldn’t think of a better way to reward their dedication than empowering them with this decision.”

The current opening titles are below, followed by the older version. Which do you like better?

Posted by:Rick Porter