tim dekay white collar matt bomer no good deed 'White Collar' 'No Good Deed': Peter and Neal's friendship is put to the test“White Collar” is bringing its fall season to a close Thursday, Dec. 19 with “No Good Deed,” which is going to bring the on-going Curtis Hagan problem to a head. Here are a few spoilery tidbits to tide you over until Thursday.

  • “I didn’t like you because you were an FBI agent. I liked you because you were smart. And marginally easy on the eyes.” — Rebecca, in the understatement of the year re: Matt Bomer.
  • Rebecca is also highly interested in what Neal and Mozzie are up to with the Mosconi codex. Is there more than meets the eye regarding this brainy art expert?
  • “30 Rock” fans will be excited, as Tracy Jordan’s entourage member Dot Com is guest-starring in this episode.
  • One of the Welsh gold coins sets a series of dominoes in motion that leads to a big bust for the FBI — with Agent Burke being a bit duplicitous in trying to figure out what Neal has been up to.
  • Peter also has to wrestle with a huge moral dilemma and we aren’t sure how this is going to affect Neal and Peter’s friendship. But we’re worried.
  • Finally, speaking of friendships, there’s more revealed of Mozzie’s friendship with Elizabeth, which is just as adorable as ever.

It’s remarkable the way this show is based around Peter’s distrust of Neal and the writers keep finding ways to keep that fresh and interesting. This latest incident is just another chapter in the complex saga that is their relationship and it’s very good.

“No Good Deed” airs Thursday and then “White Collar” returns Thursday, Jan. 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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