white collar s3 finale 'White Collar' Season 3 finale: Neal Caffrey is in the windWhat a great ending to “White Collar’s” third season. It definitely leaves the viewers just as up in the air as the last season finale, but for some reason it feels like there is so much more hope with this one – more to explore, more ways to take the show.

Perhaps it’s because it felt like Agent Burke and Neal were in on the escape together, in a way. It wasn’t Peter versus Neal like with the stolen treasure. During the hearing, everyone got a chance to say their nice things about Neal (even Jones, whose testimony felt spot-on) and then Peter helped out his friend in the end. Because they really are friends.

Where does it go from here? We can’t even begin to guess. Clearly, no Neal = no show, so he’s obviously coming back in Season 4 this summer. And we assume (and hope) we haven’t seen the last of Beau Bridges as Agent Kramer. He’s certainly a bad dude, but he makes for a great foil.

We wouldn’t actually mind an episode of Mozzie and Neal off having an adventure somewhere, but only one episode. Then we’d like to see them back in the city so nice they named it twice.

Also, we have to revisit Ella and Neal’s family. Clearly we’re going to, or else why introduce it? But yeah, that’s another thing to really look forward to.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Roosevelt Island was a great landmark to incorporate into the show. We’ve always wanted to take that tram ride. Though the tram-to-tram jump was a tad unbelievable. We’re pretty sure they don’t pass close enough to one another for someone to do that.
  • Seeing Patricia Kalember was fun. Loved her on “Sisters,” love her now.
  • Elizabeth and her two cakes was a laugh-out-loud moment. That darn “hang in there” kitty, always a crack up.

What did you think of the Season 3 finale of “White Collar”?

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