white collar season 4 finale 'White Collar' Season 4 finale: A devastating ending and 6 more things to look forward toThe “White Collar” Season 4 finale, titled “In the Wind,” airs Tuesday night (March 5) on USA and we can tell you — it’s a bang-up finish to the season. Here are a few things to look forward to:

  • Neal spends more bonding time with his dad, as they plot the heist to snag the evidence box from the Empire State Building.
  • Agent Calloway is hot on Neal and Bennett’s trail courtesy of Senator Pratt (Titus Welliver) and enlists Peter’s help to get the evidence box, playing to his sense of propriety that the bureau should have the evidence first. So the Feds put teams in the building to search for the box.
  • Despite being forced into retirement, Agent Hughes still wants to help. He advises Peter to “redraw” some lines in order to do the right thing, letting him know that Calloway may not be on their side (which Peter already suspected).
  • With as many teams of agents as Calloway puts on the search, Peter, James, Neal and Mozzie have a day and a half to find the box first — and Sarah gets in on the fun.
  • Neal isn’t only bonding with James. There’s also a great bonding moment between him and Peter, which has really been the heart of this show all along.
  • Line of the night: “You think this is assault? [knocks a guy down] That was assault.”
  • The ending leaves some major cliffhangers for Season 5 — it’s pretty devastating.

“White Collar” returns this summer on USA, but for now, get excited for a terrific finale for Season 4.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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