treat williams white collar 'White Collar' Season 4: Treat Williams talks Sam, who is 'in a lot of pain'“White Collar” returns Tuesday night (Jan. 22), picking up right where the summer finale left off — Neal has discovered that Sam Phelps is actually his father, James. Actor Treat Williams tells Zap2it what it’s like to play such a multi-faceted character.

“He’s troubled, in the sense that he’s spending time with this kid who was the love of his life until he was 5 years old and then he was torn away from him … guy’s in a lot of pain,” says Williams. “I didn’t even know until 2 or 3 episodes in if I was going to end up
villainous or a good guy … once I let go of trying to control it,
because actors really want to know what their background is, I finally
just said I’m going to let Jeff write these incredible scripts. I’m just
gonna go with it.”

Fans can expect to see Williams throughout the rest of Season 4. He says that after the winter premiere, “there are two more [episodes] before the season ends. “

Which should give the show plenty of time to explore the relationship between Neal and James. The winter premiere gives us a tiny glimpse into them starting a relationship, it’s a really lovely moment between Williams and actor Matt Bomer, who Williams says is just a gem to work with.

“I adore [Matt]. He has – he’s a lot of fun on set. He takes the work very seriously and himself not so seriously,” says Williams. “He is honorable and humble and funny and a lot of the attributes that my son has. And I would be proud if he were my son. I just – it’s just one of those things where he just – it was very, very easy. You know, I just adore him. I can’t speak enough about him. Whatever success he gets during the show and afterwards he deserves whole-heartedly. I don’t know an actor who works as hard as Matt does.”

“White Collar” returns Jan. 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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