white collar elizabeth neal peter 'White Collar' summer finale: What. A. Cliffhanger.So much good stuff happened on the “White Collar” summer finale. And the last scene totally bowled us over – huge surprise and very well done.

But first … Neal tells Mozzie he’s not ready to go because he has a life in NYC and if he runs, he can’t come back. So Mozzie gives him a 48-hour ultimatum to finally choose which side he’s on.

Meanwhile, Agent Kramer (Beau Bridges) is in NYC from the D.C. Art Crimes division to help track down a new Degas they got wind of. Kramer knows Peter suspects Neal and cautions him about how hard it can be to arrest a Confidential Informant who has become your friend.

The Degas is currently residing with an arms deal and the FBI goes in to make an undercover trade of some machine gun briefcases, so Neal and Mozzie stage a very slick maneuver to swap a forged Degas (by Neal) with the real one.

Neal makes the swap, parachutes off a building and Kramer identifies the Degas Peter and Diana seize as a fake, saying it’s the best forgery he’s ever seen.

But – Keller is still lurking around and he threatens Mozzie because he wants the treasure. Right at the end, Peter gets a phone call from Keller, who says Neal has the treasure, and then Keller quotes a conversation Peter just had with Elle.

Peter gets home and in a chilling scene finds the FBI at his place and a spilled pot of spaghetti sauce. Elle’s been kidnapped. And the look Peter gives Neal – heartbreaking. What a cliffhanger, oh my god! 

Now – they wouldn’t kill, Elle right? I’m sure they won’t. But still, great twist that I honestly did not see coming.

What do you think, “White Collar” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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