hilarie burton white colla 'White Collar's' Hilarie Burton on kissing Matthew Bomer: 'I probably wouldn't hate it'When we found out that “One Tree Hill” star Hilarie Burton would be appearing in several episodes of “White Collar,” Zap2it had one very, very important question to ask her.

Does she get to make out with Matthew Bomer?

“Well God, I hope so!” she laughs. “I’ll just throw this out there right now — it would not be my worst day at work. I probably wouldn’t hate it.”

She has nothing but glowing words for her super-hot co-star. “Matt Bomer is not only one of the most beautiful men that was ever created, but he’s so kind and so good and so talented. If you’ve ever seen him just walk down the street, it’s poetry. And if we have to kiss for a little bit, well – that’s terrible. What a horrible job I have!”

Burton’s character, Sarah Ellis, first appears in tonight’s August 10 episode. “They don’t give you all the information when you audition, because they want to keep things secret. So when I went in to audition, she was just a real fast-talking D.A., someone that had tried to convict Neal before. Then I get cast, and now all of a sudden she’s a very wealthy white-collar bounty hunter.”

Technically, Sarah is an insurance investigator. She and Peter (Tim DeKay) are both out to recover stolen goods, but she’s working on commission. “She collects 2% for every piece she recovers, and she’s done very well for herself. They’ve got me decked out in fancy clothes and jewels, and it’s a real different work environment for me.”

Naturally, given the nature of her work, Sarah and Neal have history. “Her job is to catch thieves, and Neal is one of the city’s greatest thieves. He’s had run ins with lots of women in New York City, and she’s definitely one of them,” Burton tells us. Now that Neal is on the right side of the law, Ellis has to admit that he’s a useful ally… but she’s not the type of woman who surrenders easily.

For Hilarie, one of the perks of the “White Collar” gig is the opportunity to work in New York City again. “I moved to New York right after I graduated high school,” she tells us. “I was going to Fordham University, and then I got a [VJ] job at MTV. My experience of new york was all about going to rock ‘n’ roll shows. I mean, it was a professional lifestyle, but it was MTV, and we were kids and we got to go to cool parties and stay out late.”

Though Burton and boyfriend Jeffrey Dean Morgan are keeping details under wraps, they did just have their first child together (he also has a child from a previous relationship) which gives her a whole new perspective on NYC. “It’s stroller city for me now!” she laughs. “It’s good to be back in a different capacity. For kids like me, who grow up in Virginia, New York is the dream.”

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