matt bomer glee fox 'White Collar's' Matt Bomer on 'Glee': 'I'd love to go back'Matt Bomer is on the cusp of a very good summer professionally.

The star of USA’s “White Collar” starts Season 4 of the series Tuesday, July 10, with his character — con man Neil Caffrey, who has gone AWOL from his FBI-assisting job — literally cooling his heels in an island setting. Shortly before that, Bomer will display considerably less wardrobe when the male-stripper movie “Magic Mike” opens Friday, June 29.

A recurring “Chuck” guest star during that show’s NBC run, Bomer says he also enjoyed his recent stint as Darren Criss‘ brother on FOX’s “Glee,” but any possible return engagement will have to wait a while. “I’m pretty booked until the fall of next year,” he reports. “I’d love to go back, but my schedule has to free up a little bit first.

“That whole experience was just fantastic,” Bomer tells Zap2it. “They wrote an incredible character for me, and I had an unbelievable time working with Darren. I was really blown away by what the actors on that show do on a week-to-week basis. It’s pretty incredible what they pull off, at the level of quality that they do. It was surreal and fun … and I’ll never forget it.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin