matt bomer simon halls getty white collar season 5 'White Collar's' Matt Bomer talks Halloween costumes and Season 5 premiere“White Collar” star Matt Bomer sat down in “Rachael Ray’s” kitchen on Thursday (Oct. 17) to talk about the Season 5 premiere and what his family has planned for Halloween.

Bomer and partner Simon Halls (pictured together above) have three kids at home — an 8-year-old and twin 5-year-olds, plus a new puppy, which he admits is a lot.

“It is a zoo, it’s very busy. I get all my cardio in without ever going to the gym. … Everybody’s getting ready for Halloween,” he says. “Our oldest is going to be a zombie football player, all his own invention. And the twins are going to be Ninja Turtles.”

He says that Halloween has always fun a fun event for him, but when he was growing up, he always had to be his brother’s sidekick.

“I was always the lesser of what my brother was, the sidekick. If he was Superman, I was Superboy. If he was Batman, I was Robin,” says Bomer. “[My mom] made me a Robin costume, homemade, she spent hours on it and I would wear it every — I wore it for like five years.”

He does not divulge what he’s going to be this year, but he says that the kids always get to decide: “I let them decide what I’m going to be. I’ve been Woody from ‘Toy Story.’ Last year they wanted me to be a zombie lunch lady, which is a character from the ‘Captain Underpants’ books.”

But because of Hurricane Sandy, he actually did not have to be the zombie lunch lady, which he wasn’t overly distraught about. Heh.

“White Collar” comes back on USA Thursday night and of the new season, Bomer teases a deal with the devil.

“I have to make this Faustian bargain, this deal with the devil, with this horrible, notorious criminal in exchange for Peter’s, my partner, freedom from jail,” says Bomer. “But because I made that deal, I’m now indebted to him and have to do whatever he asks me to do.”

Check out our “White Collar” Season 5 premiere preview here and tune in Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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