shawn ryan tim dekay 'White Collar's' Tim DeKay 'arrests' Shawn Ryan: Twitter prank war goes off lineShawn Ryan, creator of “The Shield” and “The Chicago Code,” was enjoying lunch at a deli in Los Angeles Tuesday when a uniformed officer burst through the door and cuffed him.

Sort of. Turns out the “officer” in question was “White Collar” star Tim DeKay, and the whole incident was just the latest twist in an ongoing prank war. “White Collar” creator Jeff Eastin recruited his star to make the arrest.

Eastin and Ryan have been embroiled in a light-hearted Twitter battle for months, but things escalated on Super Bowl Sunday when Ryan broke into Eastin’s office and took a photo of himself at Eastin’s desk, holding a copy of that day’s LA Times.

On Tuesday, Ryan was lured into having lunch with David Madden, president of FOX TV (who produces ‘White Collar’), and other restaurant patrons were startled by the scene, whipping out their cell phones to take videos.

“Nothing to see here, folks,” DeKay told the onlookers. “Just Shawn Ryan getting arrested.”

Eastin tweeted the perp walk photo below. Unsurprisingly, he called TMZ to shoot the whole event, and they’ll air the footage on TMZ Live.

shawn ryan arrest 'White Collar's' Tim DeKay 'arrests' Shawn Ryan: Twitter prank war goes off line

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie