matt bomer tim dekay white collar usa 'White Collar's' Tim DeKay, Matt Bomer on couples therapy, singing with Diahann Carroll and Billy Dee Williams“White Collar” returns to USA for the back half of its second season in just a few short weeks and stars Tim DeKay and Matthew Bomer are dishing the dirt on guest stars and their off-screen couples therapy.

When asked how they maintain their wonderful on-screen chemistry and their off-screen friendship, Bomer deadpans, “Couples therapy. It’s worth it. We meet our deductible pretty quickly and from then on out, it’s just a co-pay.”

“‘Cause we’re both in the union, so that’s good,” DeKay continues the gag.

“But really, Tim is such a generous person and he brings a real sense of play to the work,” says Bomer. “I know he lifts me up on my off days.”

“Oh, you lift me up on my off days,” agrees DeKay. “We have a blast together. In the end, we respect each other, as far as the work is concerned. It’s just like any other relationship. If you don’t have that, there’s no ground to it.”

Even though the Peter-Neal relationship (and by extension, the DeKay-Bomer relationship) is the heart of the show, the stars tell us viewers can expect a slew of guest stars in the coming episodes.

“We have Andrew McCarthy,” says DeKay.

“Who plays sort of Neal’s mentor from the past who taught him a lot about creating his persona and taught him a lot of hard lessons as well, I’ll leave it at that,” finishes Bomer.

“We have Billy Dee Williams, we is in a really fun episode with Diahann Carroll,” Bomer continues. “He plays someone from June’s past who comes back. He’s sort of a glimpse into the world Neal would have if he continued on a more crooked path … I sing with Diahann Carroll and Billy Dee in that episode, it’s incredible.”

“It was a great moment. It was one of the most wonderful moments on the set,” says DeKay. “When he and Diahann sang that song, everybody became quiet and then the whole crew went into spontaneous applause.”

“And then there’s Billy Dee at the piano, faking it. He’s the best fake piano player I’ve ever seen,” laughs Bomer.

We can’t wait to see it. “White Collar” returns to USA Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 10 p.m. ET.

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