white collar tim dekay matt bomer usa 'White Collar's' TIm DeKay, Matt Bomer on Mozzie's shooting, Neal's family and 'James Bond tactics'“White Collar” returns Tuesday (Jan. 18) to USA and stars Tim DeKay and Matthew Bomer are playing it pretty close to the vest regarding Mozzie’s shooting and the music box.

“Usually there are two questions people ask me about the show – ‘What’s Mozzie’s fate?’ and, ‘What’s going on with the music box?’ DeKay laughs. “It’s exciting. I feel like I keep giving the same answer of ‘Oh, you won’t be disappointed, let me tell you!’  It’s very difficult … I’ll be glad when it airs.”

“I feel like we’re always sort of dancing around the secrets involved with the mythology of the show and that’s fun, that’s a fun aspect of it,” adds Bomer. “Jeff is always outdoing himself as a writer and every time we get the mid-season finale or the finale script, we always look at each other and go, ‘Really?!’ He’s almost like the writing equivalent of the guy at the party who takes the joke one step too far, but then that night you think about the joke and you realize it was actually really profound and kind of amazing.” 

Obviously Mozzie and the music box are the key mysteries/cliffhangers fans are looking forward to, but DeKay and Bomer have things they look forward to character-wise.

“In terms of character, now that we’re starting to really put a lot of major story arcs to bed, I would love to dip into Neal’s past a little bit more and maybe see some of his family members come into play and see what kind of conflicts that brings up between he and Peter,” says Bomer. “I also wouldn’t mind seeing him be a little bit of a man-whore, to use a little bit of the James Bond tactics to maybe do whatever it takes to solve the case.”

“I think the more Peter and Neal know about each other actually it strengthens and lengthens the relationship because these two just love to dig,” says DeKay. “Peter would love to meet a family member of Neal’s. He’d love to sit down and get to know his mom or dad or brother or sister.”

“White Collar” returns for the second half of Season 2 Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 10 p.m. ET. 

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