The 2013 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner started off with a spoof of the popular Netflix series “House of Cards.” “House of Nerds” starred Kevin Spacey in his role as U.S. Representative Frank Underwood, who was in charge of tickets and seating arrangements for the dinner. It turns out the job is a much bigger undertaking than you’d expect, with many deals being made. How else will it be decided where the Kardashians sit?
A surprise cameo appearance in the video came from  Senator John McCain, who took shots at host Conan O’Brien, asking “Isn’t he the one that got fired by NBC?” Underwood replies, “Yes, and then he moved over to TBS.” Confused, McCain asks, “Is that a real network?” “No, but neither is NBC,” says Underwood.
Other cameos include New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg, White House spokesman Jay Carney, and a series of journalists. The spoofs ends with Underwood speaking directly into the camera, amazed at how Republicans and Democrats could come together to appear in the comedy video, adding, “That’s what real bi-partisanship looks like.” “I may lie and cheat and intimidate to get what I want,” he says, “but at least I get the job done. So I hope some of you were taking notes.” “Oh, and Mr. President,” Underwood concludes, “Welcome to nerd prom.”
Nerd Prom has become the unofficial name for the event, following the popularity of the “#nerdprom” hash tag used when tweeting about the dinner.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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