jimmy kimmel barbara walters whcd White House Correspondents' Dinner: 'The View's' Barbara Walters annoyed with Jimmy Kimmel's dig“I did not like what Jimmy Kimmel said about me,” says Barbara Walters on Monday’s (April 30) edition of “The View,” referring to a joke made at Walters’ expense by Jimmy Kimmel at Saturday’s annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

“There was no Google,” says Kimmel referring to the pre-Internet era. “There was no Facebook and a tweet was something Barbara Walters gave her dog.”

Kimmel was, of course, referring to the 82-year-old news woman’s famous lisp.

“Do you do any of this in your act?” Walters asks “The View’s” resident stand-up comics — Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd.

“Make fun of people’s handicaps?” replies Goldberg. “No.”

“I know it was annoying to you, but it was a well-crafted joke,” adds Whoopi, who then tries to put it in perspective for Walters.

“Have you seen ‘Saturday Night Live?'” she asks. “A man plays me.”

What do you think? Did Kimmel cross a line or is Babs just overreacting?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson