david hasselhoff roast Whitney Cummings, Greg Giraldo, George Hamilton: Who was David Hasselhoff's filthiest roaster?Let us start by saying that no, we don’t have an answer for why Hulk Hogan and George Hamilton were on the dais at the “Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff.”

But while they had no discernible connection to the Hoff — save for being the butt of frequent jokes themselves — they delivered the dirty jokes written for them reasonably well (though the Hulkster initially blanched at a particularly filthy line about fellow roaster Pamela Anderson). Hamilton put it best: “I’m a classically trained actor, but even I can’t act like I give a s*** about these people.”

Neither Hamilton nor Hogan, though, was even close to the night’s dirtiest jokester. Let’s run down a few of the competitors, shall we?

After a (relatively) mild introduction from roastmaster Seth MacFarlane, Lisa Lampanelli led off by targeting Hasselhoff’s drinking — roasts are all about the easy targets, after all: “I don’t want to say David drank a lot, but his liver is so black and bloated it could’ve starred in ‘Precious.'”

Jeffrey Ross, noting the similarities between Hasselhoff and Anderson (who took almost as much flak as the guest of honor): “She and Hasselhoff have so much in common — both have made embarrassing videos with meat stuffed in their mouths.”

Whitney Cummings: “David Hasselhoff’s d*** is like a Polaroid picture: No one uses it anymore, and shaking it doesn’t make it appear any faster.”

Our pick, though? Greg Giraldo, who got the final roasting spot and delivered this doozy:

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What did you think of the roast? Who took it the furthest?

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Photo credit: Comedy Central

Posted by:Rick Porter