whitney houston gma 2009 Whitney Houston death photo: National Enquirer publishes photo of singer's body in coffinGiven the fact that the Houston family was gracious enough to allow live streaming and significant press coverage of Whitney Houston‘s funeral, this seems like a particularly egregious violation of privacy. The National Enquirer has published a photo of Houston’s body in her open coffin on the cover of their magazine.

On the cover, they proudly proclaim that the photo was taken inside the private viewing. They claim that Houston was buried in jewelry worth $500,000, wearing her favorite purple dress and gold shoes. The family has not commented and has personally requested that the funeral home refrain from comment as well.

Of course, Zap2it will not be publishing or linking to the photograph. We are, however, curious as to our readers’ thoughts about the Enquirer’s cover story. Is this a violation or is it to be expected when someone is as famous as Houston is?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie