whitney-houston-tribute-i-look-to-you-r-kelly-death-dead-pics-photos-bathtub-gma-2009.jpgThe late Whitney Houston’s legacy lives on through tributes like the upcoming Grammy special, featuring stars like Jennifer Hudson and Usher, and photo book “Whitney: Tribute to An Icon,” which displays the work of Randee St. Nicholas. But nothing can remind fans of just what an incredible performer Houston was quite like hearing her voice — and the just-released duet between Houston and R. Kelly does exactly that.

“I Look to You” will be included on the 18-track tribute album, “I Will Always Love You: The Best of Whitney Houston,” which will be released Nov. 13, coinciding with the Grammy tribute concert.

The duet is a new version of the title track of her 2009 album, produced and written by Kelly, who sang the song at her February funeral.

Clive Davis, Sony Music’s chief creative officer, says Houston had given up smoking for two weeks prior to the recording because of some dental work.

“I really wanted the public to hear Whitney with her voice intact,” he says, according to USA Today. “Tragically, it shows what her voice could have sounded like if, as she had promised me that week she passed away, that she was going to give up cigarettes entirely.”

Take a listen to the duet below.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper