whitney houston face Whitney Houston refuses to buckle seatbelt, makes someone else do itOf course Whitney Houston is too awesome to buckle her own seatbelt. That makes complete sense.

On Wednesday, Houston boarded a Delta flight in Atlanta, but when asked to fasten her seatbelt, she flat-out refused. TMZ reports that Houston “got diva” on the flight attendant, to the point where another member of the flight crew threatened to remove her from the flight.

Houston continued to refuse to buckle it… but she did allow a flight attendant to buckle it for her.

Is this outburst a bad sign when it comes to Houston’s continued sobriety? A source says she’s still doing fine, and that Houston “overreacted a little bit after missing an earlier flight but she’s still
100% sober and was on the way to Detroit for her first day of shooting a
new movie.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie