Whitney Port‘s Hills spin off The City premieres tonight at 10 with two back-to-back episodes and I predict that it’ll be our new guilty obsession… despite the fact that Whit’s calm, cool personality could be considered kind of boring. The producers are good at what they do and I think they’ve surrounded her with a couple pieces of work to keep us interested. Namely her co-worker, Olivia Palermo, a "New York City socialite with an A-list lifestyle," who I’d simply describe as obnoxious and annoying — though I’ve only seen a few scenes with her, so perhaps I’m being hasty in my judgement… probably not.

Anyway, I guess there will be some decent drama this evening. Whitney’s dating that Australian musician dude, Jay Lyon, who seems sweet, but wants nothing to do with Whit’s Diane Von Furstenberg work friends. After seeing footage of Olivia, I think that actually scores Jay huge points, but apparently there are other issues. Someone’s going to warn Whit that Jay can’t be trusted. Could it be the model, Alex, who Whitney ditched for Jay a few weeks back on The Hills? That’s what I’m thinking.

We’ll also meet W.P.’s new roommate tonight, who seems cool, and Jay’s roommate as well, who’s got drama of his own. So, you know, the jury’s still out on whether or not Whitney’s spin off will be worth watching all season, but I’m thinking yes.

Peep the clips below for a sneak preview and weigh in with your own prediction.

And sort of off the subject, but did anyone else notice the look on Lauren Conrad‘s face on last week’s Hills After Show, when Jessi and Dan mentioned that Whitney’s now being dubbed the new Carrie Bradshaw? Ha. It’s definitely worth a second look if not…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh