MichaelJa_Anwar_4594841_600 Fans are rushing to buy and download the late Michael Jackson's music, more so than in the last decade. Memorabilia are also selling like hot cakes. And fans around the world are staging and attending tributes.

And subsequently, millions of dollars are flooding into his company's coffers since his passing. And more will come

So the big question may not be, 'What killed Michael Jackson?' But 'Was Michael Jackson simply worth more dead than alive?'

The latest reports are that it will take weeks for a clear and concise toxicology report.

But it is expected that any drugs found will be prescription medications.

Shades of the prescription-drug-related deaths of Elvis Presley, Anna Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger.

Over the next few weeks, months and possibly years, more will be revealed about the King of Pop’s mysterious and bizarre lifestyle and his addictions and habits.

We fully expect the “inner circle” to start disintegrating as its elite members begin to sell their individual stories to the media and grab what money they can from his memory.

Jackson family spokesman Brian Oxman told CNN, "The people who have surrounded him have been enabling him. If you think that the case of Anna Nicole Smith was an abuse, it is nothing in comparison to what we have seen taken place in Michael Jackson's life."

With his death being the cause of the cancellation of his tour, what happens now?

]]>AEG Live had invested $20 million to $30 million in the arena show, not including any advance paid to Jackson's camp, according to Billboard.

According to reports, several of the 50 concert dates were insured. And Jackson had passed a physical "with flying colors," AEG Live Chief Executive Randy Phillips told Billboard in May.

But according to insurance industry insiders, a preexisting condition, such as drug addiction or a heart defect, could mean AEG gets zip.

Will we ever know the whole truth about Jackson's life and death? What do you think?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead