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Stan Lee is introducing a whole new batch of superheroes in his new animated movie, “Stan Lee’s Might 7.” But who exactly are the Mighty 7? According to the Man, they’re unlike anyone we’ve met from him before.
“A number of [the aliens] have superpowers that we’ve never seen before,” he explains to Zap2it of the new TV movie. “There’s a lot of original things in it. We have lot of comedy in it. We have what we hope are realistic scenes with fantastic characters — fictional, highly imaginative characters in very realistic scenes, which is something you don’t get to see to often.”
The premise of “Stan Lee’s Mighty 7” is that its an animated reality movie about superheroes. While Lee voices a character based on himself, he also meets a number of new aliens who viewers get to see act like normal (or normal-ish) people. It’s up to Lee to help turn them into Earth’s new superheroes.
Without further ado, here are the Mighty 7. All character synopses are per A Squared Entertainment.

Strong Arm (voiced by Armie Hammer)

Power: Super Strength

A Star Marshal Captain. Smart, serious with a sharp sense of humor
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Silver Skylark (voiced by Teri Hatcher)
Power: Flying 
A Star Marshal lieutenant and Strong Arm’s partner. She’ll find herself drawn to the sullen Lazer Lord.
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Lady Lightning (voiced by Mayim Bialik)
Power: Super Speed

Red-hot, sexy, cynical and hot tempered. Doesn’t like or trust Earthlings. Finds their limitations annoying. Impatient.
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Lazer Lord (voiced by Christian Slater)
Power: Hurls bolts of laser energy

Superior attitude. Always second guessing Strong Arm’s decisions. Thinks he should be in charge.
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Kid Kinergy (voiced by Sean Astin)
Power: Telekinesis 
Brainy, cute. He’s an action junkie driven by the need for attention, and his crimes were always larger than life. He once stole a planet’s moon.
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Micro (voiced by Darren Criss)
Power: Shrinks in size 
Kid Kinergy’s twin brother. Brilliant. Savant. Easily frightened. A thief with a big heart. He shrinks whenever frightened or needs to get into a small place.
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Roller Man (voiced by Flea)

Power: Rolls into a big ball and launches at high speed 
A loner by nature. The team will learn that while his blunt talk can be off-putting, it can also cut through to the heart of a matter.
Stan Lee's Mighty 7 - Roller Man.jpg
As for these two, we have no idea, but they don’t look very nice:
Mr. Cross (voiced by Jim Belushi)
Stan Lee's Mighty 7 - Mr. Cross.jpg
Xanar (voiced by Michael Ironside)
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“Stan Lee’s Mighty 7” premieres on The Hub on Feb. 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz