Stevecarell_theoffice_s5_290 If you watch as much TV as we at Zap2it do, you inevitably start comparing characters to one another.

Would you rather work for Michael Scott or Anita Van Buren? Would you want Lorelei Gilmore or Marge Simpson as your mom? Is Simon Cowell or Tyra Banks a better reality-show personality?

These are things we talk about in the office all the time — and now we’d like you to join the conversation. Zap2it is launching a series of polls to determine the greatest TV characters of the past decade. The first 10 polls launched today, and new ones will appear every Monday through Aug. 17.

You’ll be able to vote on everything from best dad to best secret agent to best animated character — and if you think we left anyone out, you can tell us.

The series launches today with 10 polls. They are:

Best mom

Best dad

Best son/daughter

Best couple

Best brother(s)

Best sister(s)

Best boss

Best co-worker

Best underling

Best reality personality

The rules: The characters have to have appeared on shows that premiered after January 2000, or in the case of older series, been in original episodes for the majority of the past decade (which means you won’t find any “Friends” here). In the case of said long-running shows, the character had to have appeared consistently in this decade to be eligible (so Abby Lockhart from “ER” is eligible, but Doug Ross is not).

So vote, discuss and tell your friends. Who’s the best?

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Posted by:Rick Porter