The Golden Globes was definitely a night for MTX (Missing the Ex) manuevers. Ben Affleck (with wife Jennifer Garner) managed to avoid bumping into former fiance Jennifer Lopez in the ballroom all night. And Justin Timberlake picked up Prince’s award (my sources say Prince, who wasn’t in the ballroom, had no idea his category was one of the first up) but he didn’t run into ex Cameron Diaz in the ballroom or at the Instyle/WB post bash. And trust me, this was no easy feat. the only thing that would have been more exciting to watch was if Brad and Angelina had had to avoid Jennifer Aniston. 

JT brought his mom to the show and was spotted at the Instyle party posing with Sheryl Crowe and Eva Longoria. But JT eemed waaay cozier with his black-haired, blue-eyed "Alpha Dog" co-star Olivia Wilde, who bears a striking resemblance to Diaz’s new look; a newly refined nose and jet black dye job. You don’t think..? Nyah.



Cameron seemed to be feeling no pain at the party, sipping bubbly and chatting with Camilla Belle, and hanging (literally) on her old "Gangs of New York" co-star and pal Leonardo DiCaprio for support

Cammie was seen being playfully scolded by a protective Steven Spielberg, who is actually her pal Drew Barrymore‘s  godfather. Cameron, listen to your elders. Put the champagne glass down and step away from the party. You’re not fooling anyone.

Camerondia_mazur_12256065_600 All photos:  Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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