After Snoop Dogg performed "Smack That" on the American Music Awards, he and his posse left en masse.

To get to their enormous limos, the entourage walked out the back of the Shrine Auditorium and past a series of tents erected for various TV interview rooms, a print press room, a photo tent and a talent lounge gifting area.

There was a lot of activity back there but very little security. Prop men and stage hands were wheeling around musical equipment and various stage sets. 

On his way through all the hub bub, Dogg stopped to sign autographs and politely pose for photos for the few dozen fans buzzing around him. But the whole time, his posse of stone-faced bodyguards – refrigerator-sized men in dark suits – looked very edgy, nervous and itchy.

One woman told her son, "Honey, get your autograph but don’t stay too close to those guys. You never know when they might start shooting." She was half serious, half joking.

Turns out she was right to be worried. According to TMZ, Dogg was arrested last night by Burbank police for alleged possession of drugs and a firearm . Where was he?  Outside the NBC studios in Burbank. He’d just appeared and performed on Jay Leno‘s "Tonight Show."

All I know is Michael Richards should feel lucky that the perpetually packing rapper wasn’t in the audience when he had his N-word racist meltdown. Very lucky.

Photo Credit: Snoop Dogg proves he’s not packing heat at the American Music Awards last week. Apparently appearing on the "Tonight Show" is way more dangerous. 
Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

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