millepied Who is Benjamin Millepied... aside from Natalie Portman's betrothed?Plenty were probably caught off guard by Natalie Portman‘s post-Christmas announcement of her upcoming nuptials and child with boyfriend Benjamin Millepied — most likely because they have no idea who he is.

]]>French way and the conventional way. In other words: this baby will not be hurting. 2. At 33 years of age, Millepied is thriving in his career. He’s a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet and has choreographed productions in the United States and Europe for the past decade. 3. This is nothing new. Despite the film’s recent release, “Black Swan” was choreographed and filmed in 2009. The couple has been linked together for over a year. 4. Going back to that whole attractive thing for just a moment, he’s not too modest about it. He posed for a shirtless pictorial in Details magazine. 5. He’s quite progressive in his field, notably collaborating with contemporary classical composer Nico Muhly on three abstract performances — something he speaks about here:

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell