The Dish Rag caught up with Torsten Voges, a.k.a. Dr. Lars, to talk about auditioning for — and improvising with — Adam Sandler in "Funny People."

Here's some dialogue from one of their hilarious scenes:

Dr. Lars: It's too early to know who's winning the fight: the medicine or the disease.

George Simmons: Did anybody ever tell you, you have a very scary accent?

Dr. Lars: You are a very funny man. I enjoy your movies.

George Simmons: And I enjoy all of your movies.

Dr. Lars: [surprised] Which movies?

George Simmons: The ones where you try to kill Bruce Willis.

Watch the video to find out where you may have seen this guy before.

Remember him in "The Big Lebowski" (one of the three nihilists) and the tall woman whose head you never see in "Deuce Bigalow." He was in "8MM," played a German photographer with Angelina Jolie in "Gia" and has had roles on "Dharma and Greg" and "Malcolm in the Middle."

And he will soon play the Devil's assistant in "Eastwick" on ABC, along with Rebecca Romijn and Veronica Cartwright. Yes, it's about three women finding the power to fight a mean Demon, played by Paul Gross.

Doctors. Devil's assistants.

We can see that.

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