brent barry erin barry Who is Erin Barry? Meet Tony Parker's mistressLook, nobody likes an infidelity story. We’d all love to think that vows are vows and if you go to all the trouble to say them, you’d better mean them! Of course, there are always the exceptions to the rule. The press has erupted this week with stories of Tony Parker straying in his marriage to Eva Longoria.

]]>Erin Barry. She’s the ex-wife of Parker’s former San Antonio Spurs teammate, Brent Barry. Brent and Parker played basketball together for four years. He now works as a sports analyst for NBA TV, and he filed for divorce from Erin just before Halloween. Longoria allegedly discovered hundreds of texts sent between her husband and Erin over the last few months. She subsequently filed for divorce. Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush reached out to Barry for a comment, but she burst into tears. “”We spoke to erin barry…Brent Barry’s wife from San Antonio Spurs…she cried and said “No comment,” Bush tweeted. Can we just throw this out there to the married famous folks of the world? Don’t cheat on your spouse. We don’t actually want to write about this stuff. You leave us no choice.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie