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Just call Mary Norton the Red Carpet Bag Lady.

Norton’s unique purses and clutches have been carried by Vanessa Hudgens, Kyra Sedgwick, Katherine Heigl, Amanda Bynes, Chandra Wilson, Queen Latifah, Angie Harmon, Jordin Sparks and Jenna Fischer at various recent premieres and parties, including the star-studded Emmy Awards. CLICK HERE to see them!

Sadly, one person not watching the Emmy parade of Mary Norton’s bags was … Mary.

"I was in Italy working on my shoe line and my TV only got BBC. So I was watching a Sri Lankan cricket match while my friends were calling and giving me updates on the show and that Katherine won," explains Norton. "My husband doesn’t know how to TiVo! Luckily, my best friend TiVoed it for me."

Rebecca_gayheart_and_julie_bowen2Too bad no one TiVoed last night’s grand opening of her charming Melrose Place boutique, right next door to the John Frieda Salon. "This street just feels like a little bit of Charleston," she explained. The event — called Moonlight and Magnolias — drew her bag fans Julie Bowen, Kelly Stone, Julie Benz, Stacy Keibler and co-host Rebecca Gayheart.

Just don’t call her creations "evening bags." "I hate the term "evening" or "special occasion," Norton says. "I prefer the term "social," because that defines who we are as women. Women can carry one of these bags to a fancy party one night and carry it the next night wearing jeans with their girlfriends."

Proving her point, a jeans-clad Lisa Rinna arrived on cue, carrying a Norton bag while Gayheart raved, "I can always find a Mary Norton bag that’s unique and perfect for my outfit."

What’s next for Norton? She’s designing elegant Italian-made shoes that women can actually stand in for hours without wincing.

The 2008 awards season just got a lot more comfortable.

Photo credits: Emmy winner Katherine Heigl holds Norton’s "Sceptre" clutch, left; Vanessa Hudgens totes the "Reese," center; and Jenna Fischer carries an "Ava."
Photo credit: Rebecca Gayheart and Julie Bowen grab their bags at Mary Norton’s Melrose Place boutique opening party.
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead