Jen Bunney‘s name may not ring a bell, but diehard fans of “The Hills” will remember the controversy she stirred up between Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag back in Season 2. While Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner were dating, Heidi encouraged Bunney to go home with Brody. Drama, drama, drama!

Bunney went to Laguna Beach High School with Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, and Lo Bosworth, and was occasionally seen on “Laguna Beach” before moving to Los Angeles and making a few appearances on “The Hills.”

]]>After hooking up with Brody, Bunney also tried to convince Conrad that Brody started that pesky sex tape rumor that plagued her for so long. In the clip above, Bunney tries to relate to Lauren’s sex tape scandal … and fails, miserably.

Bunney has appeared sporadically on “The Hills” over the last few years, but she’s been otherwise occupied as well, doing research about the treatment of clinical depression. (She’s also reportedly gotten plastic surgery and gone blonde.) According to her Twitter, Bunney just got accepted to medical school. She’d particularly been anxious to hear from the University of Texas.
On May 11, Bunney tweeted about her acceptance, saying that she’s “blessed to have these options instead of sleezy reality tv.” Hmm. Just three weeks later, of course, she and Heidi Montag are shopping their reality show. It’s a fickle business.
If you need a Bunney refresher, catch a full episode of “The Hills” below, in which Jen tries and fails to apologize to Conrad after a completely unrecognizable Montag tells her, “Lauren can’t control your life, Jen.”
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