Who turned up at the Young Hollywood Reception for Senator Hillary Clinton last night?

I don’t know that I’d classify Kevin Smith, Brett Ratner, Eric Dane, Brent Bolthouse, Cassian Elwes, Brian Grazer, Holly Wiersma, Quincy Jones, Jeremy Piven, James Toback, photographer Patrick Demarchelier, and Steve Bing as necessarily “young.”  Not sure I’d even put Pauly Shore in a "Young" or a "Hollywood" category. But I guess it’s all relative. And Rebecca Gayheart, Chris Klein and Michelle Trachtenberg probably qualify as young. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa – definitely young by political standards –  gave Clinton a polite peck after formally introducing her to the celebrity crowd.


Everyone was asked to cough up some serious change to hang out at Ratner’s Hillhaven Lodge home and meet the aspiring presidential candidate, who grabbed the mike from the mayor to address her supporters in Ratner’s rustic living room. Hey, wonder if she posed in his outdoor photo booth, like all his celebrity guests do?


In case you weren’t invited to support Hillary, keep reading to see what your invite would have looked like – and cost. Hey, If hubby Bill had been there, the price would have doubled. But so would the turnout. And to see some footage of the arrivals, click here.



Photo Credits: The Mayor, the Starlet and the Wannabe Lady Prez.
Photo Credits: James Toback, Brett Ratner, Brian Grazer and Steve Bing. Um, "Young" Hollywood?
Photo Credits: Kevin Smith supports Hillary! Cool! Wonder if she’s a fan of "Clerks 2" simulated donkey intercourse too? Hope so!
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead