helenmirren primesuspect 290 Who should star in a remake of 'Prime Suspect'?Another day, another announcement of a remake of a British TV series. This time, though, the show in question is one familiar to a lot of American viewers — the Emmy-winning “Prime Suspect.”

NBC has picked up the rights to redo “Prime Suspect” and hired “Without a Trace” creator Hank Steinberg to write a script, Variety reports. The series, which starred Helen Mirren as a tough homicide investigator, won three Emmys for best miniseries (it aired here as part of PBS’ “Masterpiece Theatre”) and earned Mirren two Emmys for playing DCI Jane Tennison.

Normally I greet news of remakes with a mix of bemusement and dread, but I’m pretty intrigued by this one. NBC has taken a good first step in hiring Steinberg to write a pilot script, and it can take a huge second one when it casts the lead role. Jane Tennison is one of the great female characters on TV in the past 20 years, and as such the network should have no shortage of strong actresses — even some who usually don’t get involved in TV — interested in the part.

We’re talking about someone along the lines of Joan Allen, Angela Bassett, Frances McDormand or Diane Lane — all of whom came up in Twitter talk shortly after word of NBC’s plans became public.

So what do you think? Vote in the poll below about potential casting for the “Prime Suspect” remake — and share your other thoughts on the remake in the comments.

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Posted by:Rick Porter