Who the heck is this in a screen grab from an upcoming movie?

Can't guess? But he sure looks familiar.

Keep reading to find out…


Hey, a blond wig worked for Mickey Rourke in "The Wrestler."

Maybe it will work miracles for Patrick Swayze in his upcoming film, "Powder Blue."

Bravely working through his cancer treatment, Patrick has a minor role as the sleazy strip club owner in "Blue."

Ray Liotta also stars. So does Jessica Biel, perfectly cast as a pole dancer — reminiscent of Marisa Tomei's stripper in "Wrestler" — who is raising money for her terminally ill child.

The undersung actor Patrick Swayze plus sexy Jessica Biel twirling on a pole?

We're just praying that this will not be Patrick's last film role. How about you?

Check out the trailer below…

Credit: "Powder Blue"/Blue Snow Productions