enquirer  cover  Who's gay and who's not in Hollywood. If you believe the Enquirer.

The National Enquirer thinks there are a lot of gay celebrities in Hollywood. Imagine that.
And in their Jan 11, 2010 issue, they brazenly list who is and who isn’t, based on some very scientific evidence.
 Slow news week, guys? Just bored because you couldn’t find Tiger Woods?

]]>Their 2010 list includes male stars who have nice hair, wear fashionable clothes or who have played a gay character on film and/or TV or who have gay friends or have even posed with a gay person in a photo.

It also includes female celebs for pretty much the same things, except for the nice hair and fashionable clothing bit. 
Why does the Enquirer think we care who’s gay and who’s not?  And why did they chicken out and leave out A-list stars rumored to be gay? 
Is it because those stars have A-list lawyers? 
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Photo credit: National Enquirer