Doesn’t Eva Longoria look as if she’s thinking: "Great, just great. Kate Walsh gets the cover of Entertainment Weekly and I have to pretend to be reallyreallyreallyreally happy about it. I can’t even get a darn Emmy nod after acting my perky little bum off, and she already gets her own spin-off show?  Plus I’ve won two Almas, a 2007 People’s Choice, two Ensemble Cast SAGs and a Teen Choice TV Breakout award, so I’ve clearly got the younger viewers. What’s she done? One ensemble cast SAG nom and one win? Big deal! Where’s my darn cell? I’m calling my agent. Besides, I got way more freebies for my kazillion-Euro Paris wedding than she did for her lame Ojai ceremony.

Photo credit: "Desperate Housewives’ " Eva Longoria is happy (seriously) for "Grey’s Anatomy" alum Kate Walsh at the Entertainment Weekly pre-Emmy bash Saturday night at Opera and Crimson. Bet they even stocked up on Revlon freebies together!

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead