Christians_grani_11489081_600_1 The super sizzling coupling at the American Music Awards was “Bobby” co-stars and co-presenters Sharon Stone and Christian Slater, who were seen backstage holding hands as they walked from TV tapings to photo rooms.

Say what you will about her being way older then him. If you’d seen her in this short silky gold Roberto Cavalli mini-dress and Neil Lane earrings, you’d understand.

One reporter asked Slater what was it like getting to know and work with Madame Stone: “It was a thrill to work with her and it’s a pleasure to get to know her in the way in which I’ve gotten to know her.”


Christian and Sharon were still holding hands as they entered the photographers’ press tent. Inside, Slater proceeded to do an "I’m Not Worthy" routine. To some it kinda looked like he might propose.


But after Slater’s submissive act, the lens men yelled for Sharon to pose solo, which she did with her usual aplomb. But, apparently, the photogs went too far with their requests for certain poses.

"No woman in her right mind would pose straight on,” Sharon pronounced as she left the tent in a huff. This is a woman who knows that the trick to looking svelte in photos at any age is to angle one’s body slightly.

To see Sharon’s standard slimming pose and find out where the couple plans a romantic getaway….

Photo Credits: "I’m not worthy!" Slater seems to be saying. Frankly, I think Sharon Stone already knows this, Christian.
Steve Granitz/WireImage

]]>Sharonston_grani_11489027_600 Sharon and Christian were also looking like a cozy couple inside the AMA Gifting tent, picking out their 70+ grand worth of goodies including iHome Ipod boom boxes and alarm clocks.

According to observers, they even talked about coordinating their free week stays at The Villas at Playa Dominical in Costa Rica.

Wanna bet they book the Honeymoon suite?

Photo Credits: Sharon Stone stands slightly to the side, with knee slightly bent for the best angle. By George, I think she’s got it.
Steve Granitz/WireImage

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