one direction whos the best member getty Who's the best One Direction member? Vote now!“X Factor UK” supergroup One Direction dropped their third studio album Monday (Nov. 25), “Midnight Memories,” which has already unleashed two hit songs, “Best Song Ever” and “Story of My Life,” on the world. And it just keeps fueling the age-old debate — who is the best 1D member? Zap2it is here to offer some arguments.

niall horan Who's the best One Direction member? Vote now!Niall Horan

Hands down, Niall is the best 1D member. The Irish lad is the cutest of his bandmates, albeit in that adorable little brother sort of way. He did still have braces on when the boys rose to fame, after all. Though the braces are gone and he’s become a bit more of a man, he’s still remained as charmingly goofy and avoided coming off like the horndog lothario some of the others have become (cough:Harry Styles:cough). What can I say? He just puts a smile on my face. — Billy Nilles

zayn malik Who's the best One Direction member? Vote now!Zayn Malik

Zayn is clearly the best 1D member. First of all, he’s the hottest one. Have you seen his face? Use your eyes, people. Secondly, and more importantly, Zayn seems like a genuinely good guy. If you actually had a conversation with him, he would be interesting, he wouldn’t talk about himself the whole time and he’d be nice. He’s completely devoted to his fiancee, still quite humble, and best of all, the most mysterious one in the group. Who doesn’t love an air of mystery? Oh, and by the way, he’s a pretty good singer. — Jean Bentley

harry styles Who's the best One Direction member? Vote now!Harry Styles

Harry’s hair is awe-inspiring and his growing collection of non-threatening tattoos reminds us of the doodles that covered our junior high notebook: sparrows, a butterfly, a star, a heart, a rose, misquoted song lyrics … . And, say what you will, Harry Styles is a team player. When it was ordained that of course a member of the biggest boy group going would have to have their name and hands linked with musical darling Taylor Swift, Harry stepped up and took the hit. The recent Kendall Jenner rumors are a bit concerning though. There’s a thin line between being J.T. and Joe Jonas, Harry. Walk it carefully. — Brill Bundy

liam payne Who's the best One Direction member? Vote now!Liam Payne

Why is Liam the best member of One Direction? First of all, fellow 1D member Niall admitted that Liam has the best abs: “That fellow is ripped. He works hard at it though, so I’ll give him that.” Secondly, while his “mop-top from Liverpool” look was just OK, now that he has cut his hair he looks like a grown man. A hot grown man — one who bears more than a passing resemblance to “Fifty Shades” star Jamie Dornan. Woo woo. And finally, I’d like to offer this and this as evidence of his singing prowess. He is clearly the best. — Andrea Reiher

louis tomlinson Who's the best One Direction member? Vote now!Louis Tomlinson

Louis is clearly the best One Direction dude because he’s a philanthropist. Like, he gives of his body, people. After getting injured and puking on the field during his pro soccer debut — (Do any of the other guys play professional soccer? Didn’t think so.) — he still plans to return to the Doncaster Rovers and donate his (albeit questionable) footie skills for the sake of a local children’s hospice. Hello? Charity! Plus, despite being clearly the best-looking band member (who also has the undeniably best hair — sorry, Harry), Louis doesn’t riddle Twitter with gratuitous shirtless selfies. So bonus points for that. — Molly Chance

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