Jamie7_2 Who’s your baby daddy?

That’s the big question facing Jamie Lynn Spears as rumors about a much older Nickelodeon exec being the real father of her baby start to circulate.

The latest buzz is that Casey Aldridge is not the real dad and the teens hadn’t been exclusively dating for some time. He’s more like the stunt sperminator.

The story was reported in the Star, which has gotta be POed it didn’t get Jamie Lynn’s first exclusive pregnancy story that went instead to OK! magazine.

Would they sell more magazines with a report about the real dad? You betcha.

The Star’s supposed (and unsourced) scoop has already gone viral on the Web.

All these rumors can’t be helping Jamie Lynn’s position with the network. How long will Nickelodeon want to keep an actress who is bringing so much bad press to the network? I’d give it about a week.

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Photo credit: Star magazine

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead