Alexoloughlin_moonlight_240_2 Two rules to live by if you want to avoid hidden razor blades in your lollipops and factual inaccuracies in your industry gossip: Never take candy from strangers and don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

Current company excluded, of course.

In the second sentence of Moonlight star Alex O’Loughlin’s Wikipedia entry, it reports this very interesting factoid, "Recently, it was revealed that he believes himself to be the son of legendary AC/DC frontman, Bon Scott."

It’s a great story, one repeated in countless publications (not, I should note, this one). It’s the most immediately notable thing about relative newcomer O’Loughlin, mostly be recognizable to fans of The Shield.

Too bad it’s complete and utter bunk.

O’Loughlin — it’s pronounced "O-lock-lin" — used Wednesday (July 18) afternoon’s TCA press tour panel for his Friday night vampire drama to attempt to clear up the rumors of his paternity.

His actual quote on the subject isn’t very illuminating, but here’s what O’Loughlin says.

"[T]he rumor started about me in the last year. It started with the friend of mine calling me, my best buddy here actually, Vince, he called me very upset. He was using words that I won’t use today, and he was cursing and saying ‘What’s your problem, man?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ And he said, ‘Have you got something you need to tell me?’ And I said, ‘No, I don’t think so.’ And he asked me to go and Google search my name, and the rock band AC/DC, of which he’s a giant fan, and apparently according to the rest of the world and several big newspapers back where I’m from, and I’m the son of the late Bon Scott, the late singer of AC/DC.

He continues, "And I was shocked, and then I was thrilled. I rock. Secretly I rock all the time. You didn’t know that because I kind of keep it to myself. But I do rock, just so you know. And I play music very badly, but AC/DC was a big part. I’m Australian so I grew up with AC/DC, and they are a big part of the songs that you learn on the guitar, the first ones. But then my mom called me and she was very upset and that sort of thing. Publicly, you know, labeled a groupie and therefore a hussy and a harlot, which isn’t true at all. My mom is a very wonderful woman and very respectable. And so I suppose it’s probably a good time to say since he’s passed on and he can’t speak the truth I should speak for Bonn and say that I’m pretty sure he’s not my dad."

Trying to find the source of the rumor is a bit more complicated. An April story from the Daily Telegraph newspaper in O’Loughlin and Scott’s native Australia says that a Chicago Tribune blog post made the initial claim (listed only as a "Fun Fact"), but that O’Loughlin’s people hadn’t responded to queries. A tabloid report from the same time has the headline "Actor Alex O’Loughlin Reveals His Dad Is Bon Scott," but doesn’t include any quote or actual confirmation from O’Loughlin’s camp.

In truth, O’Loughlin says he’s the "son of an Everyman" and that his dad is a physics and astronomy teacher at a private boys’ school in Sydney.

He didn’t make mention of whether or not Daddy O’Loughlin has ever covered "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" at a karaoke bar, but even without that information, I think we can put that little rumor to rest.

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg